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Table of Contents

Document Management


  • No folder structure (browse/search by tags)
  • Document
    • View document with meta data
    • Store document with meta data
    • Update document
    • Update meta data
    • Keep meta data revision
    • Keep document revision
    • Mark as favorite
    • Tag document (support multiple tags per document, 1:n)
  • Tag cloud
  • List documents by tag / author / … (lucene syntax: key:value)
  • Preview of document (first or first couple of pages)
  • Mark document as favorite
  • View of favorites (as first page)
  • Search function
  • User management
    • every body can login with their openid account
    • each user has its favorite stored under its user account/document
    • no user data will be stored besides the openid
  • Special pages
    • Last changes
    • All tags
  • Meta data management
    • CRUD meta data keys
    • List number of documents with specific meta data key
    • List documents with specific meta data key
  • RSS Feed for changes
  • Keep log of changes (for feeds)


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