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Dropwizard for RPG

For some time now there is the trend for packaging REST services into a fat executable ready to deploy anywhere without much or any configuration. Dropwizard is such a project. It takes best of breed stuff to create an easy to use platform for developing REST services.

Developing REST services on the IBM i server has been very hard and/or complicated. Creating such a platform would ease the integration of the IBM i platform into the rest of the IT application infrastructure.


HTTP Server

A HTTP Server needs to be embedded.

One of these http servers need to be ported to the IBM i platform and compiled to an ILE module.


Nothing to do here because every job on the IBM i has a native database connection.


Configuration should be dead simple.


Normally a stream file in the IFS would be used for storing the configuration of the server/service. But most IBM i people are not comfortable with using the IFS because they haven't used it on a regular basis (or not at all).

Data Area

Another option would be a data area (as long as the configuration is not too big/complex).

Database File

Simple database file CONFIG with two fields (key, value).

Special MiWorkplace Plugin for Dropwizard for editing configuration values. Form Editor.


For simple REST services a template engine would easy the development of REST services a lot.

  • RPG Next Gen Template Engine (not fully developed and not released yet)
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