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Dropwizard for RPG

For some time now there is the trend for packaging REST services into a fat executable ready to deploy anywhere without much or any configuration. Dropwizard is such a project. It takes best of breed stuff to create an easy to use platform for developing REST services.

Developing REST services on the IBM i server has been very hard and/or complicated. Creating such a platform would ease the integration of the IBM i platform into the rest of the IT application infrastructure.


Each Dropwizard instance should reside in a separate library. This way we can have duplicate objects on the system but in separate libraries. Each start job should have a configured library list.


HTTP Server

A HTTP Server needs to be embedded.

One of these http servers need to be ported to the IBM i platform and compiled to an ILE module.


Nothing to do here because every job on the IBM i has a native database connection.


Configuration should be dead simple.


Normally a stream file in the IFS would be used for storing the configuration of the server/service. But most IBM i people are not comfortable with using the IFS because they haven't used it on a regular basis (or not at all).

Data Area

Another option would be a data area (as long as the configuration is not too big/complex).

Database File

Simple database file with two fields (key, value). The name of the configuration file is the same as the program name. Different configurations are stored in different members in the same configuration file. At the start of the program the configuration file and the member are specified.

Special MiWorkplace Plugin for Dropwizard for editing configuration values. Form Editor.


For simple REST services a template engine would easy the development of REST services a lot.

  • RPG Next Gen Template Engine (not fully developed and not released yet)
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