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 {{ :​ile_build_open_tasks_result.png?​nolink |}} {{ :​ile_build_open_tasks_result.png?​nolink |}}
 +== Lint ==
 +In almost any programming languages exists a lint module which does some generic code checking. Of course there is no such thing for RPG but one could do some checking with a simple text search using regex.
 +An example would be if there shouldn'​t be any ''​DSPLY''​ command in the source code (left over from some testing or debugging session). So you could use the following regex to identify such lines:
 +    .*[dD][sS][pP][lL][yY].*
 +There is the Text Finder plugin which can be configured with any regex and the option to mark the build ''​UNSTABLE''​ if such a line is found.
 +{{ :​ile_build_text_finder.png?​nolink |}}
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