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 ====== Maven ====== ====== Maven ======
 +===== Update Parent POM Version in Modules =====
 +If the project structure is the following:
 + ​Parent POM
 +     +
 +     |
 +     ​+--->​ Module 1
 +     |
 +     ​+--->​ Module 2
 +     |
 +     ​+--->​ Module 3
 +and the modules inherit the version from the parent pom then it is a PITA to update all modules with the new parent pom version when the parent pom version is incremented.
 +An easy way for this is the following command which will update the parent pom version in the modules with the version in the parent pom project.
 +  mvn -N versions:​update-child-modules
 +<note tip>By default this command will generate a backup version of each updated pom. To drop the generation of backups add the parameter ''​generateBackupPoms=false''​ to the maven command.</​note>​
 +Found on [[http://​​versions-maven-plugin/​examples/​update-child-modules.html|]].
 +===== Manifest.merge Error in Eclipse =====
 +  org.codehaus.plexus.archiver.jar.Manifest.merge(org.codehaus.plexus.archiver.jar.Manifest)
 +  ​
 +This error only occurs in Eclipse. The Eclipse Plugin for the Maven Archiver needs to be updated with this update site:
 +  http://​​maven2/​.m2e/​connectors/​m2eclipse-mavenarchiver/​0.17.0/​N/​LATEST/​
 +See http://​​questions/​28351678/​org-codehaus-plexus-archiver-jar-manifest-mergeorg-codehaus-plexus-archiver-jar
 +  ​
 +  ​
 +===== Copy Maven Artifact on Build =====
 +<sxh xml;title: pom.xml>
 + <​plugins>​
 + <​plugin>​
 + <​groupId>​org.codehaus.mojo</​groupId>​
 + <​artifactId>​wagon-maven-plugin</​artifactId>​
 + <​version>​1.0-beta-5</​version>​
 + <​executions>​
 + <​execution>​
 + <​id>​upload-jar-to-folder</​id>​
 + <​phase>​deploy</​phase>​
 + <​goals>​
 + <​goal>​upload</​goal>​
 + </​goals>​
 + </​execution>​
 + </​executions>​
 + <​configuration>​
 + <​fromDir>​${}</​fromDir>​
 + <​includes>​${}.${project.packaging}</​includes>​
 + <​url>​file:///​opt/​karaf</​url>​
 + <​toDir>​deploy</​toDir>​
 + </​configuration>​
 + </​plugin>​
 + </​plugins>​
 ===== Add 3rd Party Library ===== ===== Add 3rd Party Library =====
Line 11: Line 73:
     -Dpackaging=jar     -Dpackaging=jar
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== Skip Unit test =====
 +Use the Java property ''​-Dmaven.test.skip=true''​ to skip unit tests.
 ===== Embed Dependencies ===== ===== Embed Dependencies =====
-Wenn man die abhängigen Java Bibliotheken in einem OSGi Bundle einbetten will, kann man das Maven Bundle Plugin ​nutzenHierzu konfiguriert man die Java Bibliotheken,​ die als OSGi Bundle im OSGi Container vorliegen, als ''​scope:​ provided'' ​anDie Java Bibliotheken,​ die eingebetten werden sollen, konfiguriert man als ''​scope:​ compile''​.+If all dependencies should be embedded into one jar then the Maven Bundle Plugin ​can be usedAll dependencies which should be installed as their own bundle should be configured as ''​scope:​ provided''​. ​All dependencies which should be embedded should be configured as ''​scope:​ compile''​.
   <​Embed-Dependency>​*;​scope=compile</​Embed-Dependency>​   <​Embed-Dependency>​*;​scope=compile</​Embed-Dependency>​
-Damit alle transitiven (nicht direkten) Abhängigkeiten auch eingebettet werden muss folgende Anweisung benutzt werden:+To embed all transitive dependencies the following configuration must be added to the pom.xml:
   <​Embed-Transitive>​true</​Embed-Transitive>​   <​Embed-Transitive>​true</​Embed-Transitive>​
-Das Maven Bundle Plugin ​sorgt dafür, dass die eingebetteten Java Bibliotheken in dem OSGi Bundle landen und passt das Manifest an (Bundle-ClassPath).+The Maven Bundle Plugin ​embeds all configured dependencies and adjusts the Bundle-ClassPath ​in the Manifest file.
-== Beispiel ​==+==== Example ====
 <sxh xml> <sxh xml>
   <​build>​   <​build>​
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