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 +====== Pass Data from Handler to View ======
 +If you want to pass data from the handler to the view for processing during the ''​@PostConstruct''​ annotated method then you can add the data to the transient data map.
 +<sxh java>
 +part.getTransientData().put(IServiceConstants.ACTIVE_SELECTION,​ selection);
 +In the ''​@PostConstruct''​ annotated method just inject the part as a parameter to the method and retrieve the data from the map.
 +<sxh java>
 +public void postConstruct(MPart part, final Composite parent) {
 +    ITreeSelection selection = part.getTransientData().get(IServiceConstants.ACTIVE_SELECTION));​
 +    ...
 +{{tag>​eclipse e4}}
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