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 ====== Python on IBM i ====== ====== Python on IBM i ======
 +===== Running Python =====
 +By default the python lib scripts are placed in ''/​python27''​. This can be changed to anything you want. I want my to be at ''/​usr/​local/​lib/​python27''​ so that I don't spam the root folder with folders and files.
 +But if you changed the home folder of python you need to set the environment variables so that the program will find them.
 +    ADDENVVAR ENVVAR(PYTHONHOME) VALUE('/​QOpenSys/​usr/​local/​lib/​python27'​)
 +That should suffice though you can also set the lib path like this:
 +    ADDENVVAR ENVVAR(PYTHONLIB) VALUE('/​QOpenSys/​usr/​local/​lib/​python27/​lib'​)
 +<​note>​I use the QOpenSys file system to store the files because it provides more compatibility with the more Unix like world and just add a symlink from /​QOpenSys/​usr/​local to /usr/local .</​note>​
 ===== Resources ===== ===== Resources =====
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