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Apache Karaf




To list the installed bundles use the command bundle:list. This will list the installed bundles from a given start level, default 100. To list all bundles starting from a specific level you have to add the level to the command.

bundle:list -t <level>


To list all exported packages use the command package:exports.

The output of a command can be piped to another command, f. e. a shell command. Example, list all servlet exports: package:exports | grep servlet.


Commands can be grouped by a common name. All bundle related commands are available in the group bundle. By default you can access a command by prefixing the group, f. e. bundle:list.

But you can also go into that group and have only the commands of this group available. That is called a subshell. You have only a subset of the normal shell available.

To enter a subshell type the group name and press enter. To exit the subshell use the command exit.

Link Apache Karaf User Guide - Console


List deployed servlets:



To add a repository use the feature:repo-add command.

Add CXF Maven Repository

feature:repo-add mvn:org.apache.cxf.karaf/apache-cxf/2.5.0/xml/features

Install CXF for JAX-RS from Repository

feature:install cxf-jaxrs
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