Python on IBM i

Running Python

By default the python lib scripts are placed in /python27. This can be changed to anything you want. I want my to be at /usr/local/lib/python27 so that I don't spam the root folder with folders and files.

But if you changed the home folder of python you need to set the environment variables so that the program will find them.

  ADDENVVAR ENVVAR(PYTHONHOME) VALUE('/QOpenSys/usr/local/lib/python27')

That should suffice though you can also set the lib path like this:

  ADDENVVAR ENVVAR(PYTHONLIB) VALUE('/QOpenSys/usr/local/lib/python27/lib')
I use the QOpenSys file system to store the files because it provides more compatibility with the more Unix like world and just add a symlink from /QOpenSys/usr/local to /usr/local .


DSM supports Python with the script and the DSMPYT service program.

One has to take care that all service programs are created with a compatible storage model, either *TERASPACE or *INHERIT.